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Buggslayer - a residual insecticide that kills by contact

We have been selling our formula for Box Elder Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles (orange label) on the website since Sept. 2006. Our product for Ants, Spiders and Crawling Insects (green label) uses the same active ingredient but is a little different. They are now available on our purchase page.

You can also find them at one of these fine stores.

Buggslayer Insecticide for Box Elder Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles is formulated with binding agents so it sticks to your foundation and siding. Great for these hard-shelled bugs.
Use in early spring and late summer/fall
at 4 oz per gal of water.

Buggslayer Insecticide for Ants, Spiders and Crawling Insects works to eliminate spiders from eaves so they don't leave webs and stains. Also kills ticks in grassy areas.
Use in spring, summer & fall
at 2.5 oz per gal of water.

BuggSlayer Insecticide RTU

Home Pest Control

Indoor / Outdoor, Ready-To-Use

Kills Home Invading Pests:
Box Elder Bugs, Stink Bugs, Ants & Fleas, Roaches, Asian Lady Beetles, Bed Bugs

Controls up to 12 Months
(Keeps killing German cockroaches for up to 1 Year)

BuggSlayer Insecticide RTU

Bed Bug Killer


Odorless / Non-Staining

Use on Mattresses, Carpet & Upholstery

How effective is Buggslayer?

How long does it last?

We have posted pictures and video of dead and dying bugs along with residual action.


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