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Box Elder Bug and Asian Lady Beetle killer - Buggslayer Insecticide

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BuggSlayer Insecticide Ready To Use - Indoor / Outdoor Home Pest Control & BED BUG KILLER

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Do you have boxelder bugs or lady bugs crawling on the outside of your house? How about spiders (with their webs & stains), cluster flies, EARWIGS, or STINK BUGS? Then YOUR SEARCH IS OVER and we have the solution for you.

We've taken several calls this summer from consumers looking for something to control Earwigs in Minnesota and the Midwest. Our Buggslayer Insecticide in the orange or green label will take care of them. Please see our store list.

We invented a revolutionary product called Buggslayer which is a residual insecticide that kills on contact and is recommended by the University of Minnesota for the control of box elder bugs (read more here)

Please note: all the other products mentioned in the U of MN article also double as INDOOR formulas. Buggslayer is specifically formulated for OUTDOOR use. That means it won't wash away and will provide excellent long-term barrier protection by killing any insects that come in contact with it. Plus, you want to keep the bugs outside (and out of your outdoor walls so they can't come in).

Buggslayer was featured on WCCO-TV (Mpls./St. Paul, MN) on 10/9/06. They came out and shot their own video to show consumers that Buggslayer really kills box elder bugs. Watch the video!

In spring 2009, we introduced our new hose-end BuggSlayer Home Pest Control Ready-to-spray. If you use this to treat your home or building, you will see dead bugs like in the photo (click it for a larger version). Note: NONE OF THESE BUGS WERE SPRAYED DIRECTLY - they were killed by the residual effect of Buggslayer Insecticide.


You should choose Buggslayer Insecticide for these reasons:

It is a concentrated residual insecticide for use by consumers for the control of multicolored Asian lady beetles. The hard shell on these bugs makes them really tough to kill and Buggslayer will do the job.

Being EPA registered for use on building exteriors, it provides excellent control of box elder bugs from a treated surface for weeks WITHOUT RE-APPLICATION. No more standing around spraying them with soapy water every day.

It is WATER-BASED, ODORLESS and NON-STAINING where water alone does not stain. It can also be used on VINYL SIDING which is a magnet, and great hiding place, for these fall invaders.

Provides residual control of MOSQUITOES and can be applied more conscientiously than hose-end sprayers.

It gives perimeter control by killing crawling insects like ANTS, SPIDERS, EARWIGS, CRICKETS, SPRINGTAILS, ARMYWORMS, etc.

This is a product specifically formulated for OUTDOOR use containing microscopic crystals of deltamethrin - the most effective compound found in the class of molecules collectively know as "pyrethroids". When sprayed on foundations and siding, the binding agents in the formula make the crystals stick to the surface where they remain for weeks to months. Other diluted READY-TO-USE formulas are also for INDOOR use and DO NOT contain these binding agents or crystals so they wash away and evaporate.

GREAT! But can you use it around pets and children? You betcha - just wait until it dries. In a nutshell, it is practically non-toxic by oral, dermal (skin) or eyes. Please read more HERE.

This concentrated formula is diluted in your hand-pump pressurized sprayer (Hudson sprayer) or spray bottles and then you can spray it on the outside of your house to control multicolored Asian lady beetles and box elder bugs. It can also be sprayed on your eaves and siding to control SPIDERS, along with their webs and stains. Bugs that come in contact with a surface treated with this synthetic pyrethroid will eventually die.
Buggslayer provides perimeter pest control for ants, armyworms, centipedes, chiggers, cockroaches, crickets, cutworms, earwigs, fire ants, fleas, flies, gnats, grasshoppers, mosquitoes, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, springtails, tent caterpillars, ticks plus many more. You can use it on your lawn and ornamental flowers.
We tested this formula in the fall of 2005. It provided us several weeks of control that kept THOUSANDS of box elder bugs from congregating on the south and west sides of an industrial building. Because they ended up falling off and dying, they did not enter the structure! We sprayed our eaves and soffit vents in May 2006 and did not see one spider web the whole season!
Buggslayer is not a "knockdown" product like a bee killer so it won't kill them in one minute BUT it will get them. Pests that are directly sprayed will take maybe an hour or two to die. Buggslayer is not really a "repellent" either. When sprayed around the home and on siding, it provides a barrier the arthopods must come in contact with to pick up little bits of insecticide. These bits will be eaten or absorbed by the insect and it will take several hours for the bug to actually die. On warm days when the insects are active, they may be walking around where you sprayed but then you'll come back the next day or so and see piles of dead bug bodies. You may need a broom or leaf blower!

Who are we?

We are a Minnesota-based manufacturer and marketer of personal insect repellents - products you spray on your skin or clothing. Personal insect repellents are designed to repel, rather than kill, mosquitoes, biting flies (gnats, deer flies, sand flies, stable flies, black flies, horse flies), small flying insects, biting midges, chiggers, fleas, no-see-ums, and ticks.

We have been in this business since 1994 and studied bugs, repellents and killers for a couple years before that. Being in Minnesota with our 10,000 lakes, we have been given the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors all our lives while fishing, camping, playing golf and other outdoor sports. The problem with all this is BUGS!

Having invented a great gnat and mosquito repellent, Buggspray, in 1998 we pursued another formula and had that EPA registered in 2004 - Buggspray Insect Repellent for Biting Flies.

While working various Fairs and shows over the years, consumers told us of a need for something to control Asian lady beetles and box elder bugs. Combining a chemical engineering background (and formulations expertise) with years of research and consulting with experts in the pest control industry, has led to this great product for use by consumers. It will take care of these hard to control fall invaders plus a wide variety of other insects.

We have posted some pictures here (& SEE BELOW) along with video of dead and dying bugs.

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